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I'm Earthling Bella and I'm currently living the life of my dreams. I have completed my two years as an Anahata Yoga apprentice to my teacher Peter Clifford, a 76 year old Anahata (heart) Yogi, who trained in the mountains of India. After completing my 5ooh YTT I knew there was so much more so I committed to two years with my teacher to experience more of the magic of Anahata Yoga. It was an intense and incredibly educational two years of studying, practicing and teaching on all different levels where I have grown as an Anahata Yoga teacher, but most of all as a person and discovered more and more of my true potential by opening my heart more and more to myself and all the possibilities of life! 


It hasn't always been easy either... I went from having a heart condition to becoming a heart Yogi. After a number of years with my heart disease I decided to undergo surgery and all went well, my heart was now healed.  But I felt worse than ever, why? I realized that I was so much more than just a physical body, I realized that only part of me had healed, so really I was more out of balance now than I was before. Anger and frustration surfaced which in turn led to the need for change. I had an epiphany that opened up curiosity, and in turn lots of doors I'd never seen before. Just at the right moment I met my current teacher and before I knew it I was his apprentice... Those two years gave me knowledge I didn't think was possible, knowledge from pure experience, but most of all freedom I didn't think was possible. Freedom, Joy of Life and Pure Happiness. I learned that everything starts with you and that you are truly the creator of YOUR life! That you can create whatever you can imagine. So I want to help you find inner freedom and happiness! To be able to feel independent of what is going on around you, but also independent of the feelings and thoughts that prevent you from seeing clearly. I want to help you find the inner strength, stability and power that we all have! Are you ready? 


Let's get in touch ...

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Anahata Yoga

What is Anahata Yoga?


"Anahata" is Sanskrit for heart/our heart center, and just as it sounds, it's a heart-opening Yoga that helps you explore who you are and your true potential! Anahata Yoga is a very unique, powerful and pleasurable style of traditional Hatha Yoga and is known as the "Dance between Shiva and Shakti", the dance that helps you create balance and interplay between the heart and mind, as well as understanding how everything is connected.

The understanding of who YOU are.

Because we humans are such an amazing network of cellular intelligence, energy, thoughts, emotions, electrical currents, organ actions, hormones, nervous systems, tissues, blood and lymph flows

All these elements are interactive and can be transformed through this Yoga practice. 

We focus especially on the internal aspects of Yoga: organ cleansing, nervous system, circulation of lymph and blood. As well as the release of psychic knots and pranic (energy) blocks to enable you to achieve your true potential. 

This style makes you as graceful as a dancer, and as strong as a warrior in both body and mind.

 " Isabella is now deemed qualified to teach Anahata Yoga by me and also has the modern qualifications of a Yoga Alliance RYT 500 Yoga teacher that I am authorized by Yoga Alliance USA to grant her. 


I don’t usually accept Yoga apprentices as young as Isabella but I was very impressed by her mature, sincere motivation to explore the philosophy and practice of Anahata Yoga so I made an exception for her.


I have been very impressed by her motivation, dedication to study and practice during these 2 years, her natural abilities and her desire to evolve and grow using the philosophy and practices of Anahata Yoga 


I would highly recommend Isabella Berggren as an Anahata Yoga teacher who I believe has a sincere desire to be of service to mankind, to enhance the quality of her student’s lives, to continue her own studies and practices of Yoga and to explore her unique Yoga abilities.


It will be my pleasure to recommend and continue to mentor Isabella in the future."


- Hari Om Tat Sat Peter Clifford

Premananda Shankara

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