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"Isabella's beautiful energy and deep sensitivity make her a very empathetic teacher and I often felt that she knows exactly what I needed at this point of my journey. She has a special talent to teach Yoga in a bubbly, energetic but still very calm way.  During her classes I experience her deep love for a holistic Yoga practice. Her knowledge and unique way of teaching make me feel totally safe, nurtured and connected to my body. She can be both- strong and vibrant but also very gentle and calm. For me Isabella's classes as well as her whole being are totally inspiring and I am deeply grateful of what I was able to learn from her."

- Manuela Balmer

"Bella TRULY practices from the heart in all that she does. The fact that she is an anahata yogi could not be more of a perfect fit. She is incredibly selfless and is always seeking to make the world a better place. From her interactions with others and pure joyous spirit. I have not met someone who has dedicated so much of their life to the scriptures and self development from such a young age. She has a deep wisdom that strikes you, encourages you, and uplifts you. I’ll always remember Bella’s healing hands and how she will drop anything to help those who are physically, mentally, or emotionally suffering. She has the skills, the knowledge, and the passion to make an incredible positive impact in the world."

- Rhaya Lynn

Practicing Anahata yoga with Bella is like basking in sunshine. Her radiant joy and passion for her art is totally infectious and her sage words and kindness belie her years. 

- Alex Mitchell

"Isabella is an absolutely amazing and wonderful person! Who gives so much of herself to us in her classes. She makes the soul grow and the mind think clearly. What Isabella gives out is magical and the whole body listens to what she says and instructs."

- Ewa Lundblad

"Isabella is an amazingly talented yoga instructor, knowledgeable, versatile, inspiring and responsive. Her yoga, which is often flowing, gives flexibility, strength, balance in both body and mind. The fact that Isabella is so charming, loving and humorous of course enhances the experience!"

- Anna Eliasson

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