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Intuitive Massage & Cacao (75 min)

using Marma Points and Tapping to release tension in the body and mind

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • 1,100 Swedish kronor
  • Gamla Särövägen 264, 429 34 Kullavik, Sweden

Service Description

During this session we will land together in a Cacao Meditation, to connect with ourselves and each other. Creating a safe, nurturing and loving space. A space where you can soften into what is alive in you. Where you can soften into your heart. A space where you are free to just let your guard down and receive. Cacao, known as the medicine of Love is a very opening medicine that will make you feel the massage more deeply, helping you to relax your nervous system as well as opening the blood vessels, allowing the blood to flow more freely which will take the Massage to the next level. This is an intuitive deep tissue massage, influenced by swedish massage and thai massage. I work with Marma (acupuncture) points and Tok Sen Tapping. Marma points are specific points (energy points/areas) that are exposed along the Meridians and send out messages to the organs of the body via impulses to the central nervous system. Tok Sen - Tapping is a 5000 year old treatment technique from Northern Thailand that was created by Monks. It uses a wooden instrument that is gently hammered along the muscles and fascia of the body, creating a deep healing vibration. This technique helps to dissolve tension, and knots, as well as giving it a unique relaxing effect for both body and mind. Is it time to let go of unnecessary tension in your body? And let your energy flow freely? Is it time to let go of that tension in your neck? I want to help you!

Contact Details

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