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The Ocean of Harmony That Dwells in Us All

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

How are you moving through the world?

Are you swimming?

How are you swimming?

What technique do you use? And is it taking you to where you would like to be?

Maybe you are taking a boat from here to there? Because it’s easier.. but is it really

Or maybe you are waiting for the ”right” boat to arrive?

What boat?

Or are you floating?

Floating in the universal ocean of harmony ✨

Now you might think that there are too many hidden rocks for you to float and be able to sink into this embrace of the ocean

of just being here and now


This ocean

This ocean, where we float in ALL the waves

Where we observe the waves as they come and go

is truly available for anyone and everyone!

And what about the rocks?

They are your rocks

If you don’t cling to them anymore,

they loose their meaning of being there

You don’t need them

So they simply do not exist here

in this ocean anymore 🙏🏽

How does that make you feel?

This is the ocean of harmony

that dwells in us all 💚

There are many ways there

find your way and let us meet there.

With love,


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